The Clachan Brae Bogey Race 2004
The Winner
Pink Lady
Dunoon ATC
Move Over
Strachur PTA
3 Wheeler
Irn Bru
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Prize winner:
Tommy McCuaig receives his prize from Race Sponsor and O
rganiser, Maeve Mcphail of Inverdell and Dot Brown representing the Organising Committee.  Race Organiser Ben McKeown looks pleased with the outcome of a very successful event.

Once a year professional and amateur engineers in the local community get an opportunity to show off their virtuosity by building a "bogey" and various daredevils in the local community are persuaded, cajoled and threatened into racing them down the steep hill in Strachur, known as Clachan Brae. For the safety and peace of mind of competitors and spectators alike the road is closed to normal traffic for the afternoon and the event is actually a time-trial with only one bogey on the hill at a time.

This year's event was a resounding success; for although the weather was somewhat indifferent, it did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the spectators and competitors who gathered in Clachan Brae to support the race which again proved to be an extremely popular village event.

As the competitors began to assemble this year, it was clear that the standards had again been raised, as the 13 entries were paraded for inspection amid the clamour of tyre kicking experts and would-be saboteurs. In truth, however, the atmosphere was extremely jovial and everyone was mutually appreciative of the endeavours made by the design and construction teams involved.

As for the race itself: expectations were high and reputations
 were on the line. It was evident that a great many hours had
been spent by most competitors in preparing for the event.

Sheena Dowse had herself spent
 at least an hour fixing her hair and
getting dressed before facing
 the public appraisal of the
 ‘ Pink Lady’ entry. è




From the sleek and sophisticated lines
of the Dunoon ATC entry.....
ç the professionally built “Scoop” from Ronnie Campbell è
it was indeed a marvellous testament to the ingenuity of the many talented folk who had freely given their time and effort to support the event.

As the competitors were given their running orders, the ‘Cairndow Commercials’ entry once again became the focus
ç of attention and we wondered whether this Goliath of a machine, which had dominated the race for the past two years could ever be beaten. As Scot Mirrlees rumbled over the starting line, powered by Roy ‘the engine’ Halloren, there was no doubt that this was the team to beat.

Someone, however, forgot to mention this to young Tommy McCuaig who in his ’Red Devil’, who, with a timed run of 34 seconds, proved eventually to be unbeatable. è

A remarkable achievement by this young dare devil in a closely contested race.

Roy Bulloch é was thought by some not to be taking the event with the seriousness that it deserved but everyone agreed that he drove a clean race.

During the course of the race, Alistair Mirrlees and Strachur PTA, provided the assembled crowd ç with sustenance, courtesy of their burger, tea and coffee stalls, and musical entertainment was provided by the ‘Fyne Tones’ (also known as ‘Saddlebags’ depending whether or not ‘Bute’ is playing with them!).

Craig McPhail had only
three wheels on his wagon


whilst Alan Kerr's was é
apparently fuelled by
Irn Bru


1st RED DEVIL:    ridden by Tommy McCuaig
2nd STEALTH BOMBER :   ridden by Bruce Dean
1st - CAIRNDOW COMMERCIALS:   ridden by Scot Mirrlees
2nd - DUNOON ATC:   ridden by Robert Macneil


  ‘SCOOP’ - Ronnie Campbell


  MCCALLUMS GARAGE - Stevie Bulloch


THE PINK LADY   - Sheena Dowse

The contributions of Ben McKeown, Archie Reid and Jim Nolan, who provided
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