The Day That The Rains Came Down on St Catherine's


Andy Clements' bungalow
The burn beside Andy Clements' bungalow also overflowed and rushed down with such force that it took most of the top surface off the drive and deposited it in the road (and in the loch on the other side of the road).

It seems likely that recent logging operations and clear felling in the local area have increased the speed of run-off and made the effect of the storm greater than it would otherwise have been.

Since much of this water had come off the area of St Catherine's Forest I though that it would be interesting to walk up the hill and see what conditions were like up there. By the time I arrived the flood had begun to subside but one glance at the flattened vegetation around the mouth of this culvert (which is about a metre in diameter) showed that earlier in the morning it had been entirely unable to cope with the flow which had overflowed and run down  the forest road.

Walking up through the forest I detoured to look at some of the spots that have become familiar to me in recent months.

I found that the burn, which has been no more than a trickle for the last month was filling its channel to the brim, rushing down the hill with tremendous force, carrying away trees and eroding the banks where they were soft. Large rocks could be heard, more felt than heard, as they were tumbled down the bed of the stream giving rise to thunderous low-frequency rumblings perceptible through the soles of the feet.