STRACHUR - Stars in Their Eyes - 2005.

A great many Strachur people had Stars in their Eyes this year - and a great many more turned out to watch them strut their stuff on the boards of the Memorial Hall stage in an evening (two evenings, actually) which will long be remembered in the village and surrounding area. Click on the links below to see pictures of the performance of your choice:

Bay City Rollers
Alastair McCuaig, Ben McKeown, Gordon Mather, Gordon Marshall, Joe Campbell, John Moore

Elton John & Kiki Dee
Thomas Salisbury, Karin Reid, Linda Robertson

Doris Day & Gene Nelson
 Heather Grier, Maeve McPhail

The Pipers

Euan Campbell, A N Other

The Tartan Lads
Donald Campbell & Joe Campbell

Frank Sinatra
Graham Reid

The Supremes
Dot Brown, Lucy Neish, Anne Speirs,
 Helen Moffatt, Theresa Sim

Going to the Chapel
Kirsty McKeown, Catherine McDermott, Emma McKeown, Kirstie Dowse, Elizabeth McGladdery

The Producers
 Ben McKeown, Gordon Neish

The Band
Ronnie Leahy, Dougie Whyte, Daniel Brown,
 Gordon Neish, Euan Henderson

Johnny Cash
 Gordon Neish, Ronnie Leahy

First Half Finale

Shirley Bassey
 Lucy Neish

The Dixie Cups 
 Pamela Reid, Kyla Speirs, Michelle Speirs,
 Megan Dowse, Mea McPhail

Boy George
Craig McIntyre, Lucy Neish

Marilyn Monroe
Heather Grier, Maeve McPhail

Judy Collins
 Dot Brown, Ronnie Leahy

Brian Wilson
 Colin Stangroom

Blondie Alice Roy

Second Half Finale

Video Cameraman
 Crawford Grier

Drawing the Raffle
Wee Girls

If anyone's name is wrong, or not spelled correctly or there's any other mistake - don't get mad, get it fixed! Tell me what's wrong and I'll mend it and apologise for not doing it right first time. Email me And if anyone knows who the second piper was - please tell me.